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Academic research bridges the gap between digital innovation and healthcare

Author: Faculty of Management

Posted on Jan 16, 2024

Category: Research

Photo: Dr. Sampath Bemgal’s research focuses on digital transformation occurring in organizations. Recently his expertise has had practical impacts on healthcare services.

University professors devote a large portion of their career to research that often has tangible impacts on our daily lives. At the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Dr. Sampath Bemgal, an Management of Information Systems professor in the faculty of management exemplifies the practical implications of academic research, particularly in the field of digital transformation and most recently in healthcare sector.

Dr. Bemgal's research delves into the internal dynamics of organizations, unraveling the intricate interplays between individuals and technologies. By adopting various management perspectives, he aims to comprehend the digital strategies and organizing required for complex digital changes in organizations. His work has far-reaching applications across diverse industries, where he endeavors to reshape how businesses operate and individuals learn.

Recently, he applied his knowledge to the healthcare sector, studying a hospital laboratory that focused on the digital transformation of its operations. By focusing on how lab managers and technicians navigated disparities in their understanding of laboratory structures, he provided valuable insights on managing the digital transformation process and organizing of resources, from a management theoretical perspective. This research not only enhances our understanding of digital transformation in healthcare organizations but also offers practical guidance for organizations embarking on similar journeys

In another impactful endeavor, Dr. Bemgal collaborated with the Project Big Life research team—a group of healthcare scientists and researchers. The team developed several health calculators driven by predictive algorithms, translating healthcare data into practical tools for Canadians. One standout tool, RESPECT (Risk Evaluation for Support: Predictions for Elder life in their Communities Tool), goes beyond traditional healthcare planning. It estimates the remaining time someone has, enabling patients, medical teams, and family members to craft personalized healthcare plans based on individual diseases and end-of-life wishes. By bringing a systems-thinking perspective to the project, Dr.Bemgal and another management researcher were able to help create a sustainable infrastructural framework considering various interconnected elements. This infrastructural framework offered a clear narrative and structure, enabling the Project Big Life research team to streamline their implementation strategies of RESPECT, particularly within long-term care homes and retirement homes in Ontario.

Academic research provides innovative solutions, informs best practices, and inspires a new generation of professionals to think critically and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. Dr. Bemgal's research demonstrates how academic research has the power to transform the way we practice our professions, the way we learn, and as demonstrated in the healthcare projects, how we manage and provide critical services.

Dr. Bemgal joined the faculty of management in July 2023 and teaches courses in management of information systems at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research focuses on understanding and theorizing complex digital changes in organizations, especially digital transformation occurring in organizations. His work is published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics, research reports media outlet The Conversation, and several management conference proceedings including those published by the Fortieth and Forty-first International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Academy of Management Conference (AoM), Americas’ Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), and Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC).

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Media contact: Liz Lemon-Mitchell