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From Delhi to UNB: How this MBA grad is helping to build skills across the province

Author: Faculty of Management

Posted on Jan 19, 2024

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Photo: As a student and new graduate of UNB’s MBA, Sahil Mehta (MBA '23) helped implement the McKenna Institute-IBM SkillsBuild program across New Brunswick.

In the heart of New Brunswick, UNB MBA alumnus Sahil Mehta (MBA '23) stands as a beacon for residents aspiring to advance their careers. His message to everyone is to seize the transformative power of the IBM SkillsBuild platform.

Imagine a realm where aspirations meet opportunities: IBM SkillsBuild makes this vision a reality by offering access to a diverse array of digital skills training. These opportunities are available for free across New Brunswick through a partnership between UNB’s McKenna Institute and IBM.

The McKenna Institute's mission is to propel economic growth and social progress through the widespread adoption of digital technologies in New Brunswick. The partnership with IBM SkillsBuild crafts tailored learning pathways and pairs learners with subject matter experts in such areas as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analysis, web development, and more.

Mehta is one of two Digital Success Coordinators in charge of implementing IBM SkillsBuild across the province. He started working at the McKenna Institute part-time during his studies, and then moved to full-time after graduating. His responsibilities include deploying the platform, innovating business delivery methods, and ensuring a positive learning experience for all involved in the IBM SkillsBuild Project.

“Its ability to create customized learning plans is noteworthy,” he says, “but what excites me the most is its self-paced nature, making learning incredibly convenient and relevant to the skills required in the current workplace.”

In terms of results, Mehta says the platform is being used across the province by residents in cities and rural communities, by university students and faculty, and by small businesses. “Its widespread adoption speaks to the platform’s impact and value to diverse segments of the population.”

Collaborating closely with Mehta, Lynne Faught, Strategic Program Director at the McKenna Institute, attests to his knack for seamlessly guiding learners through registration and fostering a positive learning experience. “With his technical skills, diligence, and business knowledge, Mehta not only ensures a smooth process but passionately communicates the platform's value proposition to potential users.”

Originally from Delhi, India, Mehta spent a decade immersed in the robotics and automation industry before choosing to elevate his career with UNB's faculty of management. With his technical background and an MBA with a concentration in Management Analytics, Mehta found a perfect fit in his final year of study by contributing to the McKenna Institute's vision.

“I’ve fallen in love with this place and cherish every moment,” Mehta shares, his enthusiasm contagious. He wants everyone to know about the opportunities that the McKenna Institute's IBM SkillsBuild platform presents. "Embrace this platform, and let it pave the way for a smooth and successful journey towards your dream career."

Note: Sahil’s professional journey continues - since interviewing for this article he has moved to a new position as Global Robotics Engineer with McCain Foods. He discovered this opportunity during a chance meeting with former UNB Chancellor Allison McCain at the McKenna Institute’s Digital Innovation Summit. Sahil’s friends and former colleagues at UNB and the McKenna Institute are happy that he is still in the province, only a few miles up the road and remains a passionate advocate for the IBM SkillsBuild program.

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Media contact: Liz Lemon-Mitchell