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McCain Foods partners with UNB: Empowering the next generation through the Faculty of Management Speaker Series

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Posted on Oct 25, 2023

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When it comes to preparing students for the real world, there's nothing quite like learning from industry experts who have been there and done that. For over seven years, the University of New Brunswick's faculty of management has been providing its students with just such an opportunity through its Speaker Series. The 2023-2024 academic year is set to be even more exciting as McCain Foods has signed on as the corporate sponsor for this program.

Since its inception in 2016, the Speaker Series has been a platform for over 140 industry professionals to share their experiences, insights, and advice with students and faculty members. This near weekly event has seen the active participation of more than 1,000 students over the last seven years, providing a relaxed and informal setting outside of the classroom. What's more, a free catered lunch is provided to all attendees, making it an excellent opportunity for networking and learning.

The McCain Speaker Series is jointly organized by the Faculty's International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and the Centre for Financial Studies. The event maintains a well-rounded approach by grouping speakers into thematic areas, such as Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance and Investments and Large Industry/Government. This approach ensures that students get a comprehensive overview of various aspects of the business world.

The format of the McCain Speaker Series typically involves a presentation by the guest speaker, where they share their career journey and offer valuable advice to students. This is often followed by a Q&A session, though on occasion, the series adopts a "fireside chat" format where the guest speaker is interviewed, allowing for deeper insights and a more personal connection with the audience.

The McCain Speaker Series has a significant impact on the academic and professional development of students. Here's how:

1. Experiential learning: By listening to the stories and advice of seasoned experts, many of whom are alumni, students gain a valuable, real-world perspective on entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, large industry and government.

2. Career opportunities: Students get insights into diverse career opportunities with various organizations. McCain Foods, as a global corporation, exemplifies the wide range of opportunities available to students with its presence around the world.

3. Local company, global reach: The partnership with McCain Foods showcases how a local company with global operations can support initiatives like the Speaker Series. It also highlights the potential for students to find exciting career opportunities within such companies.

4. BBA alumni success: Peter West, a BBA graduate from UNB, who now serves as the Financial Controller for North America at McCain Foods, is a testament to the success that this program can foster. His participation in the McCain Speaker Series on September 28 illustrates the importance of UNB's commitment to connecting students with accomplished alumni.

McCain Foods, a Canadian multinational frozen foods company established in New Brunswick in 1957, has become a prominent strategic partner of UNB. Committed to enhancing the student experience and offering career opportunities, their involvement in the Speaker Series reflects their dedication to supporting the next generation of business leaders.

Learn more about the faculty of management’s Centre for Financial Studies and International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre.

Photo: Peter West (BBA ’12) Financial Controller for North America at McCain Foods, participated in the McCain Speaker Series on September 28, 2023.

Media contact: Ryan Reid