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UNB Professor Honoured for his Outstanding Contributions

Author: Liz Lemon-Mitchell

Posted on Jul 15, 2010

Category: Faculty Highlights

The Faculty of Business Administration has many great professors, both in and out of the classroom. Dr. Santosh Kabadi is one such professor and his efforts over the past years have earned him a UNB Merit Award.Dr. Santosh Kabadi

The UNB Merit Award is awarded annually by the university to recognize and encourage individuals who make outstanding contributions in the course of their work for the university. It is awarded to members of the faculty who have demonstrated exceptional research, scholarly or creative accomplishments that have resulted in the publication of articles and/or books, and have created for them a national or international reputation as an expert in their field. It is also awarded to faculty who make exceptional contributions to the dissemination of knowledge in their fields through the art of teaching, demonstrated by their significant innovations in teaching methods and publication of articles or books that advance effective teaching. 

Dr. Kabadi is a professor and area coordinator in the field of quantitative methods. In the last three years, he has had nine papers published in top scientific journals, presented at international conferences and has received the maximum amount of funding for his research.

Dr. Kabadi’s achievements do not stop there. A prominent researcher, Dr. Kabadi has made profound changes to the field of Discrete Mathematics by creating a new mathematical structure called “Pseudomatroid” and with the aid of his co-researchers a new field called “Integer Linear Complementarity Problem.” This work has been well-received by the top researchers in the area and has appeared in Mathematics of Operations Research, one of the top three journals in the area.

On top of all his research contributions, Dr. Kabadi also teaches some of the most challenging courses in the BBA and MBA programs. By offering extended office hours, providing weekly extra help sessions and putting extra effort into his teaching, Dr. Kabadi demonstrated just how much he cares for his students’ success. Indeed, in 2009 the MBA students recognized his dedication with the MBA Society Professor Recognition Award.

With all of these accomplishments, Dr. Daniel Coleman, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, said it best when he noted that “Dr. Santosh Kabadi’s contributions in teaching, research and service are certainly deserving of a merit award.”