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Looking into the world of Human Resources

Author: Liz Lemon-Mitchell

Posted on Jul 14, 2010

Category: Student Highlights

Students at UNB finally have the opportunity to get involved with the Human Resources (HR) community, while in University.

The Human Resource Student Association (HRSA) began last year and has been steadily growing in size and popularity. The HRSA puts on numerous events throughout the year with the goal of showing students what they can expect from a career in HR.

Since the society’s inception, attendance and involvement in Human Resources New Brunswick sessions have increased.  There is now also student representation in the local Chapter of HR at UNB and the provincial HR association.

The HRSA has held several events so far this year, including several skill building sessions focused on networking. One of the most popular events, “Roles in HR”, was set up similar to a speed dating session where students would rotate every few minutes between the guests and learn about the various roles available in the HR field. Both students and guests loved this unique approach to information gathering.

From the Christmas Social to the upcoming Professional HR Panel–students get the chance to meet HR professionals in both formal and informal environments. Having this opportunity not only helps students to decide what area of HR they would like to concentrate in, but also allows them to compete for jobs more effectively.

As Kailynn Anthony, President of the HRSA,  put it, “The HRSA has provided not only a great opportunity for students to learn about possible future careers in Human Resources, but also allows them to get the information they need without feeling intimidated to ask for it–all while networking at the same time!”