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A Teaching Career Worthy of Recognition

Author: Liz Lemon-Mitchell

Posted on Jul 16, 2010

Category: Faculty Highlights

Tough and fair. That is the sentiment of most MBA students when asked about Professor Boothman’s teaching style. Professor and Associate Dean, Dr. Barry Boothman Being demanding and hard on students isn’t always fruitful with awards and “favourite professor” accolades, but it does drive students to perform better and to the best of their ability. That is what Dr. Barry Boothman sets out to accomplish in his classes. Students recognized Dr. Boothman’s dedication this year. At the annual MBA Banquet on April 10th, Dr. Boothman was honoured for his teaching efforts and took home the 2010 MBA Professor Recognition Award. This was the first time Dr. Boothman has received the award and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Dr. Boothman started a sabbatical leave at the beginning of the summer knowing that he has made a difference and that his teaching was appreciated by the students. Recent MBA graduate and past MBA Society President, Jocelyn Chen, took several courses from Dr. Boothman. She says Boothman’s teaching style can best be described with the Chinese Proverb, “A master can only lead you to the gate, but the individuals need to practice and build.” Jocelyn comments his courses are so tough because, “you spend all your free time in the library, struggling to catch up on the reading material and writing case analyzes. It is painful while you’re going through it, but in the end you feel like you have achieved something extraordinary! “ Dr. Boothman has a record of extensive service with the Faculty and the University since joining in 1986. In addition to teaching MBA classes, Dr. Boothman has also held the position of Associate Dean, Accreditation and Research, for the past five years.