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Marketing Student Association Launched at UNB

Author: Liz Lemon-Mitchell

Posted on Oct 2, 2008

Category: Student Highlights

With approximately 100 student members to its credit, the newly formed Marketing Student Association (MSA) at UNB is up and running and making headway for what is shaping up to be an exciting year.

Dr. Kirby Shannahan, marketing professor, had the idea of starting up a student marketing group to help meet the needs of UNB students and local businesses, both looking to better connect with one another. From the conversations in his classes, it was clear that students were interested in knowing more about marketing opportunities and jobs available upon graduation.

Dr. Shannahan put the idea out to his students about the possibility of forming such a group. The student interest was overwhelming and he was approached by some of his students who wanted to help champion the new club start-up.

Now, the MSA has an executive in place for 2008/2009. The association has been working hard to plan events for the upcoming year, including guest speakers and many networking events with industry professionals.

"There was a great response from students," says the MSA's President, fourth year Business student Veronica Vidalin. "Almost 100 people attended our information session in September," she exclaims.

The MSA launched its official website and Facebook group to reach out to even more interested students. The Association also held its first event, a mixer and BBQ, at UNB's Grad House on October 2nd.

"We really encourage students to get involved," says Vidalin. "The MSA aims to serve as the bridge between students and businesses with a wide variety of networking opportunities. The association is even resonating with Alumni. They are getting involved and offering their support."

The MSA is also receiving great feedback from the business community.

"The MSA executive has approached businesses to inform them of the association's upcoming events, and to great reception," says Dr. Shannahan. "Businesses and marketing departments are looking to hire new grads as well as offer internships and Co-op jobs. The MSA has a captivating audience of over 100 students - this is a way for those businesses to meet and connect with the students before they graduate."

While it's only in its first year, the students have a vision of growth for the MSA which will encompass a sweeping mix of opportunities for the students to flex their marketing muscles and put their academic knowledge into real-world, resume building experiences.

Membership to the MSA is free and students can visit the MSA website ( to sign up as well as learn more about the executive and upcoming events.