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Human Resources Student Association Launched at UNB

Author: Liz Lemon-Mitchell

Posted on Oct 2, 2008

Category: Student Highlights

Lynn Haley and Candace Morgan, two human resources instructors in UNB's Faculty of Business Administration, were swamped with requests last year from students wanting to be more "networked" and informed about the HR opportunities available in the region upon graduation.

Looking to fulfill this student need, the pair brainstormed ways in which they could play a larger role in connecting their students with the business community.

Haley and Morgan invited students, both BBA and MBA, who were honouring, concentrating or simply interested in a career in HR to an information session on forming an HR student group. An impressive influx of approximately 50 students attended the meeting. The student interest was obvious, and Haley and Morgan had the passion and contacts to get a HR student group off the ground.

An informal student group was established for the 2007/2008 academic year, composed of BBA and MBA students, as well as recent alumni.

Morgan, an executive member of the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick (HRANB), Fredericton chapter, organized an information session for the students on the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the highest level of qualification in human resources management in Canada. The positive response from students led Morgan to set up a study group for those writing their CHRP examination upon graduation. All three students - Stephanie O'Donnell, Laura Campbell, and David Goodland - made passing grades.

Student interest for a more formal student association was becoming clearer, sothe 2008/2009 academic year marks the inception of the Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) at UNB.

The HRSA's inaugural meeting will take place in the coming weeks. Students and alumni are welcome to attend. Available positions for the executive (2008/2009 academic year) will include President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Championed by the duo, Haley and Morgan see the HRSA being a successful student-driven group in the years to come.

"It is critical for students to be aware of the different careers within the HR profession," explains Morgan. "The HRSA will give students the opportunity to be exposed to the business community before graduation through information sessions by HR professionals as well as valuable networking opportunities."

"Networks are critical," agrees Haley. "Students need mentorship opportunities with professionals and the HRSA will help make these links."

Through the events held by the HRSA, students' connections with the business community may see them acquire HR internships and Co-op placements.

"Connecting students with those working in the industry is a win-win situation," says Morgan. "It's also important for students to see the practical side of HR, to complement the theoretical learning done in the classroom," she adds.

This year, the HRSA will offer study sessions for the CHRP designation as well as information sessions with guest speakers from the business community. On top of this, the HRSA executive will plan other events of interest to its student members.

There will be a general e-mail going out to all students by the end of next week explaining how to join. Interested alumni may contact Lynn Haley ( or Candace Morgan (