March 25 - 29 Oral Examinations

Author: kyle

Posted on Mar 25, 2019

Category: Thesis Corner

Upcoming oral examinations this week

For more information on any of the below oral examinations, please contact the associated department.

Campbell Bryden, Civil Engineering

Soil-Structure Interaction of Twin Culverts

March 28, 2019

1:00pm, Head Hall, Room H301

Majed Shakir, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Small Smart Grid for the Power Utilization System

March 28, 2019

13:00pm, Head Hall, Room GWC111

Anthony Mayaki, Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

Evaluation of Precise Point Positioning Derived Zenith Total Delays from the Nigerian GNSS Reference Network

April 01, 2019

10:30am, Head Hall, Room HC-25 (ADI Studio)