Maria Panezi receives 2021-22 Environmental Trust Fund grant

Author: Ed Bowes

Posted on Aug 23, 2021

Category: Faculty

Professor Maria Panezi has been awarded a $55,000 Environmental Trust Fund grant for the project Supporting New Brunswick’s Green Economy Transition: Interdisciplinary Student Research Group for the Trade-related aspects of the NB Climate Change Act and Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS).

Prof. Panezi and her team plan to explore the International Trade parameters of provincial and federal carbon pricing legislation, with an emphasis on the New Brunswick Climate Action Plan. The project’s first segment will include a short series of seminars designed to explain, in a comprehensive manner, the international trade-related aspects of carbon pricing to participating students from various faculties. Second, the students in the interdisciplinary group will produce one report as well as at least one open-access short educational video that discusses in a simple and engaging way the international trade aspects of provincial and federal climate action legislation.

“The aim is to promote education and support for various policy tools and options that become available at the federal level once a pan-Canadian carbon pricing framework is in place,” said Panezi. “As climate change effects are increasing around the globe, carbon pricing is emerging as one of the more important tools to promote accountability and to finance the transition to the green economy. This research will discuss how carbon pricing will affect energy intensive, trade exposed industries and how to adopt national measures that are compatible with Canada’s international trade obligations.”

This research project will provide a hands-on learning opportunity for 7 UNB Law students and 4 students from other UNB departments who will all fill research assistant positions for the length of the project. Please join us in congratulating Prof. Panezi on this exciting announcement!