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Shaping the future of construction: Insights from CSCE Conference 2023

Author: OCRC

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

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The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) Annual Conference brings together professionals, researchers, academics, students, and industry experts from the civil engineering community around the globe. It serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge, discussing emerging trends, presenting research findings, and promoting collaboration among attendees.

The conference features a wide range of activities, including keynote speeches, technical sessions, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The specific themes and topics covered in the conference vary from year to year but generally encompass various areas of civil engineering, such as asset management, construction management, environmental, geotechnical, hydrotechnical, mechanics and materials, structural, and transportation.

This year’s conference was organized in Moncton and its theme was ‘Changing Tides and Ingenuity’. CSCE Conference 2023 planned to bring a diversity of perspectives and traditions of civil engineering, building on the ingenuity of our profession, and looking to the future of an ever-changing tide, new expectations, and increasing focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, climate, and sustainability. Our team at the OCRC recently had the privilege of presenting and exhibiting at the CSCE conference held in Moncton from May 24 to 27.

Picture this: a construction site buzzing with cutting-edge technologies, robots, and AI systems. Samira Rizaee, one of our brilliant team members, shared the mind-blowing advancements discussed at the conference. From self-driving bulldozers to drones that inspect structures, the integration of technology in construction is revolutionizing the industry. Imagine a future where machines work hand in hand with humans, making construction safer, faster, and more efficient. It's a sci-fi movie come to life!

Want to know more? Read what our other team members Brandon Searle, Ala Suliman, Nicole Odo along with Samira had to take away from the conference. Whether you find yourself as a seasoned professional or embarking on your first steps in this field, this post will provide you with profound insights into the CSCE annual conference, highlighting the benefits awaiting those who choose to attend in future.

CSCE Moncton 2023

What were the top three most interesting topics discussed during the conference?

Samira Rizaee:

  1. Use of technologies, robotics and AI in construction
  2. Use of Digital Image Coloration (DIC) for accurate measurement of deformations and strain
  3. Ultra high performance concrete mix design.

Ala Suliman:

  1. Modularization and Off-site Construction
  2. AI and Robotics in Construction
  3. 3. Circular Economy in Construction

Were there any presentations that stood out to you and are there any new learnings you wanted to share?

Brandon Searle: Sadaf Montazeri and Salma Omran from ETS had impressive presentations. Salma's presentation was titled, ‘Conceptual framework for design for adaptability based on modularity, DfMA, digital design and fabrication’. Sadaf's presentation topic was, ‘A comparison between design for manufacturing and assembly in on-site and off-site construction’.

Nicole Odo: I enjoyed the presentation on Simulation Model for Optimizing Heavy Equipment Among Multiple Concurrent Projects. The model, developed using AnyLogic software, aimed to assist construction companies in making informed decisions about resource allocation. By considering factors such as costs, idle rates, and maintenance fees, the model optimized the allocation of resources between owned and rented equipment. This approach aimed to minimize equipment costs and improve resource management across the program or company as a whole.

How do you think the information gathered at the conference can benefit our research centre?

Samira Rizaee: The attendance at the conference was beneficial to the OCRC team in several ways including giving more representation of the OCRC team as an academic research centre in a social and scientific gathering. Listening to the new research in the areas of interest by the OCRC researchers such as precast, UHPC, AI and BIM in construction, gave us the opportunity to connect with other university researchers for future collaboration. We learned more about new techniques that can be implemented in future research as well.

Brandon Searle: It helps the OCRC get a better understanding of the research happening at other institutions and how the OCRC can leverage national expertise to support our industry partners.

If you had to choose one takeaway from the week, what would it be?

Ala Suliman: The Circular Economy concept will re-shape our planning approaches to construction projects.

Nicole Odo: One great takeaway from the CSCE 2023 conference was the increasing emphasis on sustainable construction practices. Many presentations and discussions highlighted the importance of incorporating environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches in the construction industry. This shift towards sustainability reflected a growing recognition of the industry's impact on the environment and the need for innovative solutions to mitigate it.

To recapitulate:

Based on the insights shared by our team members who attended the CSCE annual conference, it is evident that the event offered a forward-looking perspective on the future of off-site construction. The conference served as a platform for professionals, researchers, and industry experts to delve into emerging topics such as design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA), off-site construction, AI, robotics, and sustainability. Through engaging presentations and discussions, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the latest developments and trends that will shape the industry in the coming years. The CSCE conference provided a remarkable glimpse into the future of civil engineering, where transformative advancements and ground-breaking ideas will drive the industry forward.

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