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Introducing ‘UNB is here’

Author: Sarah Martell

Posted on Oct 7, 2020

Category: Brand , Web and Social Media

UNB is introducing a new advertising concept this fall.

Building on the success of the #OnlyHere campaign, we have developed an evidence-based, insight-driven integrated advertising strategy focused on the impact UNB faculty, staff, students and alumni are making locally and globally.

The #OnlyHere campaign shared unique and differentiating aspects of the UNB student experience with high school students and parents. ‘UNB is here’ goes broader, creating space to tell our stories of impact, innovation, creativity and community with the world.

The ‘UNB is here’ manifesto

The 'UNB is here' manifesto captures the essence of our creative strategy and serves as a compass to guide our advertising and storytelling.


What is a university?
Is it just a collection of buildings?
A physical space for people to learn in?
Or is it something more?

We believe what makes a university truly extraordinary is its people. They bring a university to life through the impact they make, through the innovations they create, and the solutions they find to the world’s most pressing problems.

Their future is to push the world forward and our promise is to help them find that future.

The creative concept will unify our storytelling through this people-focused, impact-driven lens.

The message

The core message, “UNB is wherever its people are changing the world,” provides an overarching framework for faculties and units to tell meaningful stories that demonstrate how our community is making a difference.

We’ve launched the campaign with some of these inspiring stories and brought others to life through videos that showcase our passion and commitment to community, creativity, innovation and experiential learning.

We’re proud to see the concept come into being after two years of research, collaboration and strategic planning. Our extensive qualitative and quantitative consultations revealed that ‘UNB is here’ tested strongly across multiple audiences (e.g. high school students, undergrad and grad students, alumni, etc.). Survey and focus group participants found the concept to be relatable, inspiring, motivating and believable.

The creative concept

The graphic-based ‘UNB is here’ frame zeroes-in on the campaign’s core message. The bold, branded, eye-catching graphic treatment highlights moments of connection, collaboration and real-world applications of UNB research, teaching and scholarship.

Bringing our manifesto to life, the frame demonstrates that UNB is more than a collection of buildings; it’s a collective of people, supporting and pushing each other to make an impact on the world around us. View the 'UNB is Here' brand book to learn more.


Visibility in a COVID era

This is an important moment for UNB. Our long-term sustainability requires that we continue to grow our reputation to attract the best and brightest students from New Brunswick, Canada and (as COVID-19 allows) the world.

The ‘UNB is here’ campaign officially launches with undergraduate and graduate recruitment campaigns in October 2020. We’ll also see the creative concept implemented in upcoming advertising from the College of Extended Learning and other advertising initiatives.

Share your story

Do you have a story that demonstrates how students, faculty, staff and alumni are making an impact? Share it with our team at brand@unb.ca.

Let's combine our voices and unite our stories to share the incredible impact UNB is making at home and around the world.