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Marketing Office Feedback Survey One year later

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Posted on Mar 21, 2018

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Last year, the Marketing Office launched a feedback survey to members of the University-Wide Communications and Marketing Working Group (UWCMWG) — a bi-campus working group made up of various positions across UNB who have a role related to marketing and communications. The survey was intended to help frame areas of focus for the Marketing Office in delivering its services to the UWCMWG group and the university at large.

We launched the survey in March, 2017 and the final results were presented in September, with a focus on 3 areas of priority: brand integration, digital support and unit & faculty support. As the academic year comes to an end, we’re re-visiting these priorities to see how we delivered.

Brand Integration


This priority includes providing training, delivering templates and creating resources in support of the university community.

Survey feedback said that 96% of respondents found the UWCMWG meetings helpful and informative and that their preferred topics included training, how-tos, guest speakers, information on Marketing Office initiatives and updates from other departments.

We made a commitment to develop meeting agendas that delivered on these preferred topics and provided valuable training opportunities.

Over the past year we’ve featured a wide variety of content including:

  • Training on Google Tag Manager, data visualization, writing for the web, social media strategy and best practices and more.
  • Guest speaker Karine Joly, founder and director of Higher Ed Experts, presented to the group on “Overcoming your fear of analytics.”
  • Updates from the Marketing Office, including: #OnlyHere campaign updates, the presentation of social media guidelines, brand book and template updates.
  • Other departments presented their marketing-related initiatives, including the Faculty of Business Administration, Alumni Office, CEL, Recruitment and more.

We also heard that 88% of respondents found our existing brand resources and templates helpful. We updated the brand books and developed new templates including PowerPoint, posters and banners to further meet the needs of the university community.

Digital Support


This priority is about building a strong and cohesive digital presence across institutional social media accounts and websites.

62% of respondents contribute to a UNB social media account, so we developed and tested institutional social media guidelines to help strengthen these accounts. The final version of these guidelines will be distributed in April, 2018.

Additionally, the majority (77%) of respondents contribute to their website and almost the same percentage (74%) would like additional support in developing content. This led to us developing and delivering web content sessions to over 90 university web content contributors.

Interested in signing up for the next session? Get in touch with Sean Sullivan.

Unit & faculty support


This priority is about supporting units and faculties with access not only to marketing tactics, but the strategy required to develop more comprehensive and measurable plans.

Because 44% of respondents were not working from a marketing plan, we focused on improving our strategic offerings and leveraging the marketing plan to support of more units and faculties. To date, we have 76 marketing plans completed or in progress, which define objectives, success measures audiences and strategic tactics.

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