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Dedication brings Cripps to the next level with the Seawolves

Author: S. Guimond

Posted on May 12, 2021

Category: Basketball , ACAA , Varsity Sports

Jenny Cripps has officially committed to the Seawolves Women’s basketball team for the 2021-22 Varsity season. Jenny will be coming from Miramichi, New Brunswick and will be graduating from James M Hill Memorial High School. Since the young age of eight, Jenny has been involved in her local basketball program and has developed a winning attitude for the game. Her athletic experience not only includes basketball, but she is also well versed in soccer and track. She has put a tremendous amount of effort and dedication into her sports. So much so that it brought her two championship titles during her athletic career. Jenny loves putting in the extra time during the summer months to improve her skills for her seasons. She continues to prepare for the next level when she arrives at UNB Saint John to hit the floor with the Seawolves. Her academics are also something she takes pride in; she has worked hard to advance herself into creating a lighter workload for her final year in high school.

“I am a student who enjoys a challenge. When it comes to school, I am always open minded and ready to learn new things. I believe managing school and sports at the same time is an achievement of its own.”

Jenny sees basketball as a getaway. It is an outlet for her to pick up a ball and forget about the other stressors in life. Since she was young, she has enjoyed being in a gym environment and grew up playing with the same 12 teammates in her small town. Through this experience she has had the opportunity to build a great team and lifetime friendships. She was fortunate enough to have great coaches to constantly push her to be better and basketball was never just a sport to her. Basketball has been her home away from home, it has been an environment of positive energy and her passion is drawn from the influence of the people that surround her.

Jenny will be taking the Bachelor of Science program and although her career path is undecided, she hopes to find herself working in the medical field. She chose UNB Saint John because of the opportunity to play basketball at the next level. She also likes the idea of a smaller school to make it feel more like home. Jenny’s passion for basketball can also be attributed to the admiration she has for Kim Corlett, a major role model in her life. Kim was a basketball coach of Jenny’s and she has been someone who wanted her to succeed in the game and in life. Kim is someone who always made time for her players off the court and told her players what they needed to hear rather than what they wanted to hear. Jenny was able to better herself as an athlete from the guidance she received from Kim.

Head Coach, Kevin Munroe has seen Jenny play a few times in her grade 11 year as her team was in the area (Saint John) for some exhibition games. What stood out for him was her incredible pace on both ends of the court and her ability to finish a play. He spoke with her coach who provided a great recommendation as a teammate and student. Coach Munroe noticed that Jenny was extremely mature and academically focused.

“She’ll definitely fit into the team culture of academics first. Jenny brings a lot of energy and is capable of breaking down a defense and getting to the basket.”

Jenny is an outstanding student who works very hard in the classroom and her personality is exactly what Coach Munroe was looking for.

Welcome to the Seawolves Family Jenny!