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United Elite from Hamilton joins the Seawolves

Author: S. Guimond

Posted on Feb 24, 2021

Category: ACAA , Varsity Sports , Soccer

Lucas McDonald has officially signed with the Seawolves Men’s Soccer squad. He is currently playing for Hamilton’s United Elite’s U21 team but has had deep roots in the game since he was a kid. He began playing for his local club team and since then he has developed a great love for the game and his position as a goalkeeper. Out of his youth, he progressively developed into more competitive leagues and programs. Lucas has achieved the second most shutouts in the highest-level youth league in Ontario (the OPDL). His participation with the provincial program and training with the Toronto FC Academy, tournaments such as the Ottawa Champions Showcase and the Umbro Showcase Super Pro Division has given him plenty of experience to bring to the table.

“To me, soccer is a way to express yourself. Growing up with the game, it has always been something that I can rely on. Whether its training by yourself to escape a long day at school or feeling the pressure of a close game. I find that so many aspects of the sport reflect everyday life in the way that I conduct myself and the emotions that I experience.”

Lucas has always felt an innate connection to the position (goalkeeper) as he grew to have a true passion for it. He still gets that same feeling when he hits the field and prepares to make his next big save.

When Lucas arrives at UNB Saint John he plans to major in Psychology and continue to Law school after finishing up his undergraduate degree. He chose UNB Saint John due to the competitive environment of the program and he admires the consistency of Head Coach, Dave Vicente. The connections Lucas had in speaking with the coaches and admissions office gave him an understanding of the soccer program here as well as the academic nature of the campus. He enjoys that the campus has a wonderful view of the river and feels that it will be a great fit for him.

Head coach, Dave Vicente discovered Lucas on a recruiting site that one of his assistant coaches found. Due to COVID-19 he did not get a chance to see him play in person, but he was able to provide Coach Vicente with lots of game film. Based on the game film, he believes that Lucas has the skills and ability to play in the ACAA.

“Lucas demonstrates confidence and control which I believe will help the team be successful. He will be competing for the goalkeeper position which is currently vacant.”

Athletically, Lucas’ role model is Manuel Neuer. As he began to transition into higher levels of competition, he would always watch Neuer’s highlights before big games. Seeing him make big saves often transformed his nerves into excitement. On personal level, Lucas’ biggest role models are his parents.

“Their dedication and unwavering belief in me throughout my experiences with the game and the highs and lows associated with playing has always made them huge role models to me.”

Welcome to the Seawolves Family Lucas!