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On a Break

Matt Bishop

Posted: Apr 11, 2022

Category: News

Hello My name is Matt and I'm the Sustainability Engagement & Education officer at UNB Sustainability. Or at least I was... Unfortunately, my time at UNB is coming to an end as I start a new chapter in a new country. While UNB Sustainability takes the time to replace me, it means that we have no staff member to maintain and upload entries onto the Green Review - meaning that, until they hire a...

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How to Become a WWF Living Planet Leader

WWF Living Planet Leaders

Posted: Mar 24, 2022

Category: Opinion , Programs and Updates

Living Planet Leader (LPL) is a self-guided certification that will enhance your resume as well as recognize your sustainable efforts while at university. To earn this title, you must complete a set of actions in four categories outlined by the WWF. Each category is listed below, along with a brief description of how our current LPLs achieved them. Campus, Community or Global Volunteerism To...

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Nestbox Project

Campus as a Learning Lab

Posted: Mar 17, 2022

Category: Programs and Updates , News

Campus as a Learning Lab integrates academic research and teaching, using the university as a sandbox to explore opportunities and test new ideas, reflecting on our successes and failures. At UNB Saint John, the course SOCS4501 (held in the Fall Semester) allows students to implement their ideas to improve campus sustainability. This is the story of the Nestbox Project by Jennifer Moore. It is...

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What is Climate Justice

UNB Sustainability

Posted: Mar 1, 2022

Category: Questions

Climate justice is increasingly being demanded around the world. To grasp the meaning of climate justice, it is important to first understand the social complexities of climate change. As we know, climate change as previously defined in the Green Review refers to the long-term shift in average weather conditions. While there are several causes of climate change, recent IPCC reports have...

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What is the IPCC

UNB Sustainability

Posted: Feb 17, 2022

Category: Questions

The IPCC stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It was established by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1988. The purpose of the IPCC is to provide all member countries with a scientific framework to help them develop nation specific climate policies. The framework is typically in the form of an assessment...

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What's old is new again

Marc Bragdon - Head of the Research Commons

Posted: Feb 10, 2022

Category: Programs and Updates , Opinion

Fix it Mondays at the Fabrication Lab   As new initiatives go, the Fabrication Lab on the third floor of the Harriet Irving Library, part of the Research Commons, is a throwback and a step ahead. The 3D imaging and printing technologies you’ll find here are heralds of a revolution in manufacturing and material learning whose implications are only beginning to reveal...

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Can we really make packaging out of squished apples?


Posted: Feb 3, 2022

Category: Programs and Updates

The story of PomPak - UNB Sustainability's winner for the Apex Business Plan Competition 2022 In the summer of 2021, four chemical engineering students came together to start brainstorming what we wanted to do for our senior design project. We knew it would be a huge part of the next eight months of our lives, so we wanted to pick a topic that inspired us, a topic we were excited about. We...

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What is Biodiversity

UNB Sustainability

Posted: Jan 10, 2022

Category: Questions

The term “biodiversity” or “biological diversity” refers to the living animals/plants and the processes that affect their abundance, expressed at genetic, species and ecosystem levels. Simply put, biodiversity describes the variety of all life on Earth, in all its forms and interactions at different levels. Why is biodiversity important? Past research has shown that...

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2022 – Make it a Green Year

Sustainability Engagement & Education Officer - UNB Sustainability

Posted: Dec 21, 2021

Category: Opinion

We’re starting another year and it’s that time to reflect on last year and reflect on how you want next year to be and why not look at making it a Green Year! Here are 10 ideas for your new year resolutions for 2022… Spend more time in Nature Spending time in nature can help you create a more sustainable attitude and has been shown to have huge benefits for your mental...

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There’s Snow Place like UNB

Gina Alward, Strategic Marketing & Communications Office

Posted: Dec 15, 2021

Category: News

UNB has taken a different approach to this year’s holiday video: After another challenging year, it's time to celebrate the end of the semester with some winter fun. UNB students want to kick off the holiday season how they imagined it, with skating, sledding, and snowman-building before they head home for their break. But alas, there is no snow! This UNB family comes together to create...

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