IDST Student Recognized as a Change Maker

Author: Kyle

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

Category: Student Stories

A UNB graduate student from has recently had her work recognized at the inaugural Ontario Education Research Symposium (OERS).

Julie Bull, a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary program on the Fredericton campus, was named an Emerging Research Scholar for the 2018 OERS Change Maker Awards which she accepted in person at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto at the first of the month.

The Change Maker Awards focus on removing systemic barriers in education for racialized/marginalized students, recognizes new and emerging research scholars who have notable and promising accomplishments early in their research careers and whose field of academic study seeks to explore pressing problems of practice in the education and education-related sectors.

Not only was Julie able to attend the conference and accept the award in person, she also had the chance to recite her piece, 'Collective Responsibility' at the awards ceremony.

Interested in hearing her piece? Check it out online!

From all of us here at the Grad School, Congrats Julie!