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UNBeknownst Podcast Episode 6: Cayman Grant on storytelling in Hollywood and why failing is important 

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Posted on Nov 4, 2021

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UNBeknownst Episode 6

Cayman Grant: Storytelling in Hollywood and why failing is important  

Cayman Grant (BBA’01) graduated from UNB Saint John with a BBA in 2001, and has since become an Emmy award-winning writer and director making films and TV that have been screened in over 100 film festivals worldwide. She’s written and directed several projects, including Playing for the Mob, which earned her an Emmy for the feature-length documentary. Her film, The Boy, was a finalist in the prestigious NBCUniversal Short Cuts Film Festival earning her the Oxygen Best Female Director Award chosen and presented by Academy® Award Winner, Geena Davis. She’s currently a participant in the prestigious NBC/Universal Emerging Directors TV Program and recently sold a studio feature to New Line Cinema / Warner Bros Studios. 

In this episode: 

  • Why growing up in the small village of St. Martin’s, New Brunswick is the reason Cayman became a filmmaker.  
  • Why Cayman believes you can parlay a business degree into anything you want. 
  • How Cayman got into telling stories of underdogs. 
  • Why Caman created the podcast Whitespeak and why she’s so interested in helping White people understand racial problems with our language and culture and learn how to be a true ally.  
  • The importance of being comfortable with who you are and embracing what you’re good at. 
  • Why mistakes and failures are important and need to be talked about more. 
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