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Jess Neary: Top five Feng Shui tips to design your home for productivity and well-being

Author: Jess Neary (BBA'09)

Posted on Nov 22, 2021

Category: Insights , Young Alumni , UNB Saint John

Photo: Greg Knudson

A proud New Brunswicker, Jess Neary (BBA'09) graduated from the faculty of business at UNB Saint John in 2009 before later furthering her studies with interior design. While studying and obtaining an Interior Design Diploma, she was also studying and practicing various energy healing modalities. Reiki, yoga, meditation, and qi gong were practices which put her into alignment with Feng Shui. Now, she is the owner of Jess Neary Feng Shui, where she helps clients with their interior and exterior designs for healthy energy flow.

Home has the potential to support you on a deep level, encourage productivity and well-being through Feng Shui Design. Designing your home through this lens opens the doors of possibilities, to make choices that allow you to feel supported. When you feel supported, you are in the best position to create high quality content - in much greater quantity. With many working from home, we can look to Feng Shui Design for solutions to boost both productivity and well-being at home.

Feng Shui originated in ancient China over 4,000 years ago. It was originally privy to the dynasty; however, throughout the years this practice has been passed down for use in everyday homes through Feng Shui Masters. The Feng Shui I practice is known as BTB Feng Shui and relies on the perspective of the person in a space rather than the compass position used in Classical Feng Shui.

Feng Shui offers guidance to design interiors and exteriors that support the occupant. This practice provides spaces throughout your home that uplifts your personal energy, inspires healthy living, and encourages a healthy energy flow. Your home design shapes your daily life; therefore, has the ability to set you up for success more than ever before. It is a blend of practicality and artistry – providing functionality, ease of accessibility and comfort.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to highlight the top 5 Feng Shui tips to apply in your home for an increase in productivity and wellbeing:

1. Set Clear Intentions for Each Room of your Home

Rooms not used often present an incredible amount of potential. When you become clear on how each area of your home is to serve you (through its use) it is much easier to make design decisions that will support your well-being and encourage healthy energy flow.

For a timely example, a guest room is likely not being used as frequently during the pandemic as they had prior to. If your office is setup in the dining room or in another temporary space, this guest room may be the ideal location to design a home office. Bedrooms are often in a quieter part of the home as well, providing less distractions while producing quality work.

Clarifying your needs is a wonderful way to look at your home with a larger lens, offering the opportunity for it to serve you best.


2. Declutter Regularly

As time moves forward, items that once served you and your lifestyle expire and become clutter. Clutter is not only an unorganized mess, but a collection of items that no longer warrant space in your home as they are not used. Clutter represents a physical and mental drain on energy and productivity. It is best described as a distraction.

When decluttering, go at your own pace, allow emotions to flow and celebrate your progress. Decluttering creates space in your home for fresh energy to enter, to release old energy and flow into new opportunities with ease.


3. Sit in the “Command Position”

The Command Position is when you are seated with your back to a solid wall facing the entrance to the room without being in direct line with the entrance. This is a popular arrangement applied in Feng Shui. You can think of how a CEO may have their office arranged as well, not with their back to the entrance, but facing the entrance to greet colleagues and clients.

This arrangement essentially puts you in a position of power and authority. It can be used for the home office seating, the bed placement and even arranging living room seating. When seated in The Command Position, you have a feeling of control as no one can walk into the room unnoticed, allowing you to relax more deeply and focus on the content you are producing.

I encourage you to witness this effect in the next coffee shop or restaurant you visit. What you will notice is that the chair or seat that is in the Command Position will most often be occupied.


4. Decorate with Inspirational Imagery

What adorns your walls has the ability to truly lift your energy and keep you in line with your business and personal goals.

In the case of designing a home office, think about selecting photos or artwork that relates to your industry of employment. You can also opt to display certificates, awards or pieces of your work that you are proud of. Likewise, you can also frame photos from traveling or moments where you felt your best, surrounded by friends and family in other parts of your home as a source of inspiration.


5. Bring Nature Indoors

Nature automatically evokes a good feeling within. Include nature into your home to create more vitality and wellness into your day.

Here are some practical ways to bring nature indoors:

  • Houseplants (a Snake Plant and Pothos are two great low maintenance options)
  • Sit next to a bright window to view outdoors
  • Diffuse Essential Oils (peppermint is best for increasing focus and alertness)
  • Turn on a Salt Lamp to provide extra lighting options

 If natural lighting isn’t an option, opt for daylight lightbulbs. If you don’t have the lifestyle to care for real plants, opt for faux plants that look and feel as close to the real thing as possible.


When applying Feng Shui to your home design, it can be by making a grand decision of renovating an entire space; however, it is often applied by making a few minor changes here and there. The beauty of this practice is that it strengthens your awareness of your home energy, amplifying how it may be serving you already or highlighting the areas requiring improvement. Homes are constantly changing because we are as individuals; therefore, its design is consistently evolving to support us in new and exciting ways. My hope is that this article inspires you to make shifts in the design of your home and allows you to see your home as a space that can help you be productive and well simultaneously.

For specific guidance on Feng Shui for your home or office design, visit my website to view the various Feng Shui Essential Online Classes currently available and to schedule a virtual consultation.

I am also active on social media and can follow for more Feng Shui recommendations with practical applications on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.