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Get to know your Associated Alumni president: Jill Jeffrey

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

Category: UNB Fredericton , UNB Saint John , Inspiring Stories

Raised in Fredericton, N.B., Jill Jeffrey has a lifelong connection to UNB and is a proud alumna, along with several members of her immediate and extended family. She has served on the Associated Alumni Council since 2016 as an incredible ambassador strengthening connections with our alumni around the world and helping future students discover our university. She brings great passion and commitment to her new role as president.     

What is the best thing about being an alumna of UNB?

The most exciting part is being able to tell my UNB story and let others know about the amazing programs, advancements, and critical contributions that UNB is making in the province of New Brunswick, the country and around the world. We have so much to offer, and I always proudly look forward to sharing the UNB story. My experiences at UNB have significantly influenced my life journey thus far.

How did your time as a student at UNB impact your life?

Completing my two degrees at UNB, BPE (Sports Science) and BEd, laid the foundation for my many successes in my life. UNB’s reputation as an innovative, outstanding academic institution opened many doors. My experience as a varsity athlete in basketball and cross country led me to many lifelong friends, professional opportunities and incredible life skills.

Can you share three words that best describe your time at UNB?

 Accomplished     Qualified       Proud

What made you want to give back to UNB? 

My connection to UNB is a lifelong one. As a resident of Fredericton there was no question I would attend UNB. After a brief move to Bedford NS, where I completed high school, I knew UNB was my only choice for post-secondary. My family continues to build on UNB Alumni connections with my husband, brother, sister, and daughter receiving degrees, as well as many other family members. During our time at UNB each one of us was very involved in all UNB had to offer. We are passionate about the many ways UNB has made such a positive impact to so many over the years. Volunteering seemed to be a natural continuation of my promotion of UNB and the alumni community. It is very exciting to be able to be part of the Alumni Association and devote my energy to increasing UNB’s presence in the world.

What will be your priorities during your term as president? Are there any issues that you feel are the most important to address?

My priority will be to continue to build on the very good work our Alumni Association and Alumni Office team initiated during a very challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Alumni association continues to support to our current students and our alumni. We worked hard to offer many welcoming and accessible virtual events to ensure we were continuing to build connections with graduates around the world and to share the expertise developing on our campuses.

As well, it is so important that we stay current with the critical issues that affect our students, alumni, staff and community. We must work to ensure our programming and messaging is one of inclusiveness and diversity.

If you could go back to your undergraduate years, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

While I was fortunate as a varsity athlete to have a support group of teammates and friends, I would encourage all students to get involved in an activity on campus that expands your network. Try to build your connections outside your faculty. Being back on our campuses this year will afford a real opportunity to connect in person and enjoy those many missed moments once again.

If you could share one message with our UNB community, what would it be?

Take advantage of all that UNB has to offer as alumni. Reach out to classmates, stay connected, stay current and be proud of the impact UNB continues to have on so many. Celebrate the many successes of the research and advancements that UNB is making in communities and industry.

What do you see is the value of the UNB alumni network? 

In today’s ever-changing world, the opportunity to have that global connection with over 96,000 alumni is invaluable. The ability to build on past experiences, share unique professional stories and open new doors through alumni connections is very exciting. The UNB alumni network is far reaching and affords many new innovations in technology, sharing expertise and building on community connections.