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Official email signature How to use it why it s important

Author: Marketing

Posted on Nov 8, 2016

Category: Brand

When it comes to having strong brand identity, consistency is key. Everything we do contributes to our overall reputation and it’s important that we present a consistent UNB message across all communication channels, whether print or digital. Today every member of the UNB community is sending emails to colleagues, students, donors, alumni, partners and other external audiences. Having a consistent email signature is one of the simple yet impactful ways that we can build and showcase our brand identity to the world. We’ve made it easy to download and install our email signature template which is designed for simple installation with Microsoft Outlook and online email applications like Gmail. email signature The template provides space for your name, credentials, title, campus, department/faculty and contact information. Space for social media icons is also provided. The signature template is provided in Century Gothic, the official UNB email font (for more information on UNB’s fonts please review our Brand Book: logos, colours, typography). Given our reliance on digital communication, the frequency that we as a university community send emails, and the potential reach of those emails, it’s critical that we present ourselves on a united front. By using the official UNB email signature, you are helping to form a strong foundation for UNB’s visual identity. Have a question or want us to walk you through setting up your email signature? Get in touch with us at brand@unb.ca.