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Q&A: Julianne MacCallum, UNB Alumni Student Leadership Award

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Nov 24, 2023

Category: Inspiring Stories , UNB Saint John , Young Alumni

Recipient of a 2023-24 Alumni Student Leadership Award, Julianne MacCallum is a bio-psychology student on UNB's Saint John campus and has been heavily involved in student life as well as in her community. Julianne is a volunteer with the Promise Partnership Program, the Student Athletic Advisory committee, and the Golden Key Honour Society, and is president of the UNBSJ Global Medical Brigades. She also represents UNB proudly on the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team.

What inspired you to enroll in UNB Saint John’s bio-psychology program?

Throughout high school, my interest in learning about the human body, especially the brain, was a driving force. Discovering UNB Saint John's interdisciplinary program of Bio-psychology, my two favorite subjects made it an obvious choice. The opportunity to continue my passion for soccer and represent the Seawolves on the Women’s Varsity team was also a significant factor. Additionally, the prospect of staying in New Brunswick for my education presented more opportunities to pursue all my interests.

What has been the most rewarding or exciting part of your academic studies?

There are three moments that come to mind when I am asked this. The first experience was last year in Fredericton, when my soccer team made it to the finals of the ACAA championship after working so hard all season. The team had a great bond, and we came together to collect a silver medal at the end of the weekend. To top off, I will forever remember my first ever ACAA goal during my Senior Day/Last soccer game for the Seawolves last month. The energy from the stadium was a feeling I will never forget. The last experience was travelling to Honduras on a Medical Brigade just this past April 2023. This was truly an eye-opening, yet rewarding experience as I got to see first-hand the health care disparities that people face in the world, but I also got to be a part of the positive development in the communities we visited and provided medical clinics to for a week. This experience solidified my decision of pursuing a career in healthcare.

How do you stay involved in student life on campus? 

Ever since high school, I have made it a part of my character to be involved in the community and school. At UNB Saint John, I am a part of the Women’s Soccer team where we get to participate in SAAC events involving charitable initiatives. As well, last year I wanted to re-start the UNBSJ Global Medical Brigades Club on campus as it was shut down after COVID-19. I am proud to say with the help of many people, I lead a group of 17 volunteers to Honduras to provide mobile medical clinics to those who don’t have access. I am still an executive member this year with the focus of trying to collaborate with other New Brunswick schools Global Brigades clubs to promote the organization to make a larger impact.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in student life on campus?

The best part about being involved is meeting like-minded individuals. I have met so many amazing peers, faculty, and community members through participating in student life on campus whom I learned so much, making being away from home so much easier.

How has receiving the Alumni Student Leadership Award positively impacted your UNB experience?

Being a recipient of the Alumni Student Leadership Award is an honor. The award allows me to connect directly with current and past recipients, and the UNB Alumni. This award not only humbles me in knowing I am making positive contributions to those around me by being a role model, but it has also allowed me to be financially stable in my last year at UNB. This gives me the freedom to continue putting effort into my studies and pursuing various types of volunteer work like coaching soccer, mentoring students with Big Brothers Big Sisters, research assistance for Canada East Spine Center, and Global Brigades. This award will always be a reminder of the reason why I give back to those around me.

What makes you Proudly UNB?

I am Proudly UNB because I wear my Seawolves gear, knowing that it symbolizes the sense of opportunity for personal, academic, and athletic growth. I wear my UNB gear knowing that there are so many UNB faculty and community members providing a diverse experience for students and supporting and cheering students on along the way of our individual paths at UNB and through life. I will forever be Proudly UNB.

What are your future plans once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree?

I plan to further my education at Dalhousie University in their Doctor of Pharmacy program, and I will know in May if I get accepted. I have always had a love for helping people and I love the aspect of being there for someone when they are going through a difficult time and being directly apart of their treatment plan. I am really excited for the ability to continue learning and giving back to my community in the future.

How do you hope to stay connected to UNB in the future as an alum?

I will always speak so highly of my time here at UNB Saint John, and I do, and will continue answering any questions people have about pursing their education here. I hope after I am finished my education that I can make contributions in some form to give back to the school that gave me so many opportunities to get me to where I am today. I am looking forward to opportunities to reconnect with UNB faculty and students through various events that UNB Alumni hosts. Lastly, I will always be cheering on the Seawolves varsity teams, and more specifically the Women’s soccer team!