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Q&A: Emma Stephen, Alumni Legacy Award recipient

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Mar 3, 2023

Category: UNB Fredericton , Young Alumni , Inspiring Stories , UNB Saint John

Reflecting on two years as the Alumni Legacy Award recipient, what has been most rewarding or exciting about your time at UNB?

As I reflect on my time as the Alumni Legacy Award recipient, I think about how it has influenced my personal and professional growth. My participation in different organizations has helped me build new connections and develop valuable skills that will serve me in my future endeavors. Being at UNB, I have evolved into a better version of myself because I have been given the chance to explore my interests, gain knowledge and engage in critical thinking as a student nurse. Also, being a part of the UNB community has been very exciting because you get a sense of belonging and connectedness. Whether it has been attending a REDs sports game and cheering on the team, joining a society, or meeting new people in class, the feeling of being part of a larger community is incredibly fulfilling.

How has receiving the Alumni Legacy Award positively impacted your UNB experience?

Receiving this award has allowed me to focus on my studies and participate in a lot of different organizations and events at UNB without worrying about the financial expenses associated with tuition and other fees. Being able to engage with other students on campus and explore different interests has allowed me to broaden my personal and professional network, as well as have a fulfilling university experience.

How have you stayed involved in student life on campus? 

Getting involved is something that really enhances your experience as a student. Over my four years here, I was a member on the Nursing Undergraduate Society, I volunteered with UNB Spring, I am the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Menstrual Health Society, and I am currently on the executive committee of the Pin Dinner for 2023 nursing grads. Participating in clubs and organizations, volunteering, and taking part in campus events has helped me develop leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving skills.

Can you share one of your fondest or most memorable moments at UNB?

One of my fondest memories was getting to organize the Nursing Gala in 2022. It was a celebration for all four years' of nursing after not being able to have the typical events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a great event meeting other nursing students and having faculty speak about resiliency, and inspiring students with stories from their careers as registered nurses.

What makes you Proudly UNB?

In third year nursing, there is a community clinical rotation where students get to spend time working at the food bank, helping out at the shelters, clinics, and complete community outreach. We were able to immerse ourselves in the community to learn about health inequities, explore an upstream approach to address the social determinants of health, and provide support to members of the unhoused population in Fredericton. This experience is eye opening and I am thankful to have had this opportunity because it has shaped me into a better nurse and I can take forward what I learned into my practice.

Participating in community service and volunteer opportunities on campus has been a rewarding way to give back to my university and broader community. This has provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment beyond academic achievements.

What are your future plans once completing your undergraduate nursing degree?

I will be staying in Fredericton, working as a nurse at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital.

How do you hope to carry on the UNB alumni legacy and stay connected to UNB after graduating?

I hope to continue to volunteer with UNB and attend events to stay engaged with the community. All students deserve to have the same amazing experience I have had at UNB and by staying connected, I can contribute to the vibrant alumni community and support students.