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Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Weir

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Category: UNB Saint John , Inspiring Stories

Chris Weir (BA'93, BEd'95) - Saint John, NB


What is your most memorable moment from a UNB alumni volunteer experience?

My most memorable moment from a UNB alumni volunteer experience is the time I was asked to give a talk on effective communication and that moment led (eventually) to the creation of the Business Development and Professional Sales Stream in the MBA Program. You never know where volunteering will lead. Giving back can have a big impact!

What are some of the volunteer roles you have participated in with UNB?

Over the many years since I graduated, I have volunteered my time to do many things:

  1. Participate in and lead committees
  2. Deliver guest lectures/speeches
  3. Raise money
  4. Mentor students

What are three words that describe your UNB Alumni volunteer experience?

I Love It!

In what ways do you volunteer outside of UNB within your community?

I have volunteered at the following organizations, in some cases, for many years:

  • The Business Immigrant Mentorship Program
  • The Business Immigrant Essentials Program
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Junior Achievement
  • Start-Up Canada
  • A large variety of volunteer board positions


What motivates you to give back your time and energy to the Alumni Office/community as a volunteer?

I strive to be someone who is able to look after my family and career responsibilities and then still have time and energy left over to give back and help my community grow, and UNB is an important part of my community.


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