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Author: Stephanie Guimond

Posted on Sep 6, 2016

Category: Club Sports

Looking to make the most of your University experience? Get involved!!!

Here’s why….  

Maintaining a Balance: First and foremost, studying takes precedent. However, healthy breaks are necessary for the mind, body and soul. Involvement in club sports/intramurals provides a positive outlet to lead a balanced university life.  

Increased Social Opportunities: Interacting with new people provides insight to a variety of personalities, cultures as well as promote the importance of inclusion. Participating in club or intramural sports can open the door of new friendships (Cheesy I know, but its true!) Common interests bring people together, it’s a fact!  

Promoting Active Lifestyles:  Don’t worry too much about indulging in some goodies, pizza, beer etc. Just counter it with leading an active lifestyle! Participation in physical activity increases metabolism, energy levels, brain function, improves mood and sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, the list could go on.  

Stand out from the crowd: Extracurricular activities are often looked at by potential employers, they like to see active involvement. This can set you apart from the competition. Participation in sports clubs help to promote qualities that translate into a work environment including leadership and teamwork.   Sigmund Freud mentioned that:  “All mental energy was derived from the body” I think he was onto something. The mind is a complex thing, to achieve great mental capacity you must take care of the body as well.....its good for the soul too!!  

For more info, get moving and come and see us at the Athletics Department!