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Women's Soccer Team Makes Playoffs for First Time in 5 Years

Author: Stephanie Guimond

Posted on Oct 28, 2015

Category: Soccer , Varsity Sports

Women's Soccer Playoff Pic

This weekend will mark the first time in five years that the Seawolves Women’s Soccer program has reach the ACAA Championship round. With only the top four teams from each the men’s and women’s side advancing to the playoff round, the Seawolves women’s squad has found themselves in the dreaded 5th ranked position for many of the past five years. This year, with some senior players stepping up to the plate, along with some rookies that are mature beyond their years, the Seawolves have proved to the ACAA that they are back in the game.  

When asked what was different about the past three years she has been here, star 4th year midfielder, Zoe Britt, responded “the difference between this year and my past three years with the team would be the team dynamic and roles each player on the team fills. In pervious years, there was more responsibility and pressure on a few girls to play well in order for the team to be successful. This year however, every girl has a fundamental role that is crucial to our success as a whole. There is no superstar out on the field, there is a group of 11 girls working as a cohesive unit to win games.”  

Not only has the team dynamic shifted this year; the coaching staff has made adjustments too. Last year’s head coach, Jason Brown, who coached both the men’s and women’s teams stepped down to focus on the Fundy Soccer Program, giving Robert Mather and Jason Lajoie, last year’s assistant coaches, the opportunity to step into the head coaching role. Lauren Coyle, a third year player and last year’s Most Dedicated Player, gave insight into the shift in coaching. “I believe that the transition from Jason Brown to Rob and Jason Lajoie has been pretty smooth as Rob and Jason have both been assistant coaches in the past so they know the routines and how things work. Sometimes with a coaching transition, teams go backwards or are forced to start from square one. By them being assistant coaches in the past and having very similar coaching philosophies and approaches to the game as Jason Brown, the team hasn't really skipped a beat. We have picked it up and have become a threat in this league. As a returning player it definitely helps because we already know their coaching styles and expectations and have a personal relationship with them. The only real difference from last year is that the focus is solely on us and not split between two teams, which has definitely contributed to our success.”

Heading into their semi-final match Saturday at 10:00am, seasoned veterans have some words of wisdom for the younger girls on the team. Madison Long said, “in order to beat the number one ranked Holland College team we need to work as a team and not as individuals. We must stay connected as a unit and be mentally focused during the good times and during the hard times of the game. It will be a tough battle, but it is a challenge that as a team, we are ready and have all worked hard for.” Geselle Tuquib echoed Madison’s thoughts, discussing how to prepare for the game, “as a senior player on the team, I personally prepare myself by engaging in several warm ups, exercises and pushing my self a little bit more each practice leading up to a game. As for helping the younger players, the best advice I could give is to take care of their body, eat healthy and to get their mind focused as to how they want to perform. All of us have our own little ways of preparing for a game and these little pre-game preps may be similar or completely different compared to another person on the team. What is important is to be mentally and physically prepared for playoffs. I believe in our team and I know everyone will give it their all. As long as we all enjoy the moment, enjoy the game and enjoy each other’s company on and off the field.”  

These four veterans, along with other crucial senior players and some new faces to the program will kick off against the number one ranked Holland College Hurricanes this Saturday in hopes of extending their season a little longer. Making playoffs was the first accomplishment for the team, and with the right execution they could have more success on the weekend. Tune in live at www.acaatv.ca Saturday morning to see your women’s Seawolves soccer team face off in the ACAA Semi-Final.