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A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Author: Stephanie Guimond

Posted on Oct 5, 2015

Category: SAAC , Volleyball , Varsity Sports

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Some may say that a smile is worth a thousand words; however, after meeting Blair Doull you quickly find out that his smile is worth so much more. Blair’s smile is one that greets every student, athlete, coach, professor, and staff member in the halls of UNB Saint John even on his worst days. Blair’s smile is one that comforts the elderly while he cares for them as a nursing student. Blair’s smile is one that his teammates look to when nothing seems to be going their way. Blair’s smile is one of a kind.

When Blair Doull – a Sussex native and now third year Nursing student, Men’s Volleyball player, and Student Athletic Advisory Council representative – stepped onto the UNB Saint John campus three years ago, no one really knew the impact he would have. Blair is not only one of the kindest, most generous, and quick-witted individuals on campus; but he is also one of the top men’s volleyball players in the ACAA conference. You can usually find his name on the top of the blocking stats, as his vertical propels the 6’1 middle higher than most players much taller than him. What is so unique about Blair is that you would be hard-pressed to find a competitor in the ACAA that would have something negative to say about him. He brings the highest level of sportsmanship to the court each and every game with regards to his opponent, his teammates, and the referees. He is a true gentleman, on and off of the court.

Some men may feel uncomfortable entering a female dominated profession, but that didn’t stop Doull from doing what he truly loved. Blair is a third year nursing student, the only male in his class, and without a doubt his kind-heartedness will make him one of the best the health care system has ever seen. Blair’s natural ability to comfort, care for, and talk to people makes him the prime candidate for the nursing program and so far he has excelled to the fullest extent.

During his time off the court you can usually catch Blair with his teammate, or as most now see them, brother Pete. Peter Banks, the only other third year men’s volleyball player and last year’s team MVP, has created a special bond with his fellow teammate. “Blair has developed into much more than just a teammate, He has become someone I care for, not only on the court but off as well. Through volleyball, he has become my brother and best friend,” explained Banks.

Blair’s coach, Kyle Blanchard, also has nothing but praise for the middle blocker, “Blair is a special type of player. You don’t have to tell him anything twice; he comes ready to play every single day and concentrates on the task at hand. On top of being a great player and easy to coach, Blair is also a genuinely kind person. He is always the first to volunteer and the first to help out a teammate in need.”

Without a doubt, Blair Doull has made a change for the better on the UNB Saint John campus, in the ACAA, and in the health care system. He has proven on and off the court that kindness goes a long way. Blair has a smile that keeps on giving.