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Postdoc Appreciation Week: September 21-25

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Posted on Sep 23, 2020

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While we’re convinced that every week is a good week to celebrate UNB’s postdoctoral fellows, this week is the one where we join our Canadian and global colleagues in drawing special attention to these scholars.

In the early 2000s, the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at UNB moved to the Office of the Vice-President (Research), reflecting their important role in, and connection to, UNB’s research activities and impact. Postdoctoral fellows come from all over the world to learn from, and contribute to, the expertise found on UNB’s campuses and in its labs, contributing to research excellence in every discipline.

Since that time, new policies and activity have led to a significant increase in the number of postdoctoral fellowships offered at UNB, more than doubling the number of emerging research scholars supported over the 2007-2017 period, and increasing since. In fact, this year set yet another new record for the greatest number of fellowships offered at UNB, supporting more people and projects than ever before.

“Postdoctoral fellowships are an important step in a research career, and postdoctoral fellows are a crucial part of a university’s research community,” says Dr. Dave MaGee. “As UNB’s vice-president (research), I’m proud to celebrate and thank all of our postdocs, past and present, for their contributions to our institution’s vibrant and active research life.

“As we move forward with our new strategic plan, our research activities will continue to be an integral part of our success and our contribution to our communities, and our students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty researchers will all play important roles in those contributions.

“Our people are truly what make our research impact possible, and I am constantly impressed by the dedication and passion shown by our postdocs and by the faculty who mentor them.”

To all our postdoctoral fellows, thank you for choosing UNB to be a part of your research career, and for being a part of our institution’s life and community.

Do you have a postdoc you’d like to specifically highlight this week?

We’d love to hear about them, so we can share in your appreciation! You can email comments to j.elder@unb.ca, or tag us on Twitter at @UNBResearch.

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