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UNB nursing and health sciences researcher receives funding to improve the lives of seniors through technology

Author: UNB Newsroom

Posted on Jul 22, 2019

Category: UNB Saint John

UNB nursing and health sciences professor, Dr. Rose McCloskey, has received $800,000 in funding from the Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation/Baycrest and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation to conduct research on the use of technology to improve the lives of seniors.

This project is in partnership with Loch Lomond Villa in Saint John and will examine the impact of three different technological devices.

One is a mobile platform that stores, and trends, health information specific to an individuals’ needs. For example, it can sync data from health monitoring devices such as blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, activity and sleep, and allow people to share this information with others if they choose. It can deliver an outline of an individual’s care needs and routines as well as providing reminders to take medications and to attend medical appointments.

The second is an interactive device, mounted on the walls of a long-term care facility. When a resident approaches the device, it displays content that is specific to the interests of the individual. For example, it will play the person’s favorite music or display pictures that are meaningful to them such as of family members or of settings.

The third, and last, is a 3D video that showcases targeted screenings of animated videos on items of interest to provide meaningful and personalized experiences for residents living with dementia in a long-term care facility.

“Technology provides opportunities to improve the lives of older adults by either supporting them in their day-to day life choices, or enhancing their quality of life,” said Dr. McCloskey, a professor in the department of nursing and health science on UNB’s Saint John campus.

“The research that we will be conducting will look at three separate platforms and examine their impact on older adults who are living at home and in nursing homes.”

The research is being conducted with Loch Lomond Villa, which is the second largest nursing home in the province and the largest Plantree Person-Centered Care Designated Continuing Care Community in the world.

“The partnership with Loch Lomond Villa is key as our research is focused around the needs, preferences and values of older adults. We are interested in learning more about how technology can make meaningful differences in their lives.”

Media contact: Heather Campbell