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New opportunities for students: Catalyst Program

Author: Lee Whelan

Posted on Apr 1, 2022

Category: ExperienceUNB

The Office of Experiential Education has new opportunities for all UNB students to engage in Work Integrated Learning opportunities.

Please share these paid internship opportunities with students.

The Catalyst Program merges a specially created Business Consulting Course and a paid internship, open to students from both UNB campuses and all faculties (3rd & 4th year and Graduate students).

Students accepted into the Catalyst program will complete a Business Consulting Course offered by the Faculty of Management (ADM 4199/MBA6112) from May 10 to June 23rd. After completion of the course, students embark on a full-time internship from June 27-Sept 2nd.

With support from the McKenna Institute, IBM and the Future of You Company, CATALYST offers paid internships on interesting consultation projects with employer partners. Projects focus on Digital Transformation. With a variety of project opportunities, students will learn unique ways to apply their knowledge and skills, in an area of work that you may never have imagined.

Please note there are limited seats available, and the application process is competitive.

How to apply?

Step One: Sign into your student account on ExperienceUNB and look for CATALYST under the Office of Experiential Education to begin the application process. Application deadline is April 14th, 2022.

Step Two: Student applications will be reviewed internally, top candidates meeting eligibility requirements will be granted access to the Catalyst portal to review and apply for available project opportunities. The project application period takes place from April 14th-April 22nd, 2022

Step Three: Employer/Project partners will review student applications and shortlist candidates for interviews scheduled between April 22nd-May 3rd, 2022

Step Four: Students who are successful in securing a project placement will be manually enrolled in ADM 4119/MBA 6112 prior to class commencing on May 10th, 2022.