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Student creates videos series as part of community-based internship program

Author: Andie Mollins and Lee Whelan

Posted on Mar 30, 2022

Category: Student Champions

This project was supported by the Arts Internship, a community-engaged experiential learning program create by UNB’s Faculty or Arts. Two internship courses, ARTS 3000 (unpaid) and ARTS 4000 (paid) provide arts students with opportunities to develop practical skills and while gaining credit hours they can put towards completing their degree.

Andie Mollins, a 3rd year BA student double majoring in History and Sociology at UNB Fredericton, created a video series about the L'Arche Fredericton, the organization she worked for as a part of her enrollment in ARTS 3000. Watch the video and read about Andie's experience below.

My internship with L’Arche Fredericton has been an absolute eye-opener in so many ways. I have learned more about myself, community, inclusivity, and friendship as I embarked on what felt like the beginning of a long and rewarding journey. At times daunting, other times exciting, my experience with L’Arche has shown me how there is always an answer to any challenge that is faced.

L'Arche Fredericton has allowed me to see the possibilities for myself and the community as I applied my studies in a hands-on experience. Learning in a classroom about the barriers people with intellectual disabilities face is one thing, but actively participating in the community and working on a project that presents the universal benefits of inclusivity is an experience that is beyond words. As I have heard from many of its members, if you have ever experienced the spirit of L’Arche, you know when you have found it again. Fredericton is blessed to be one of many locations which hosts the enthusiastic members of L’Arche who are committed to building a community of joy and equality.

Throughout my internship I have had the opportunity to cook at Greener Village with L’Arche members, both intellectually disabled and able-bodied. I got to know the wonders of L’Arche as we worked together to follow recipes, extract honey, and taste delicious meals while laughing and practicing saying words backwards.

These special moments I spent with L’Arche Fredericton allowed me to capture the spirit of the community in a video series I edited. This series is intended to share the beauty of L’Arche with the greater community, and thus advocating for the common appreciation of the gifts and opportunities that people with intellectual disabilities have to offer.

L’Arche has taught me that anything is possible, and I have been able to prove this to myself over and over again throughout the year. I taught myself to navigate an editing program that was completely foreign to me, and subsequently produced videos for L’Arche, an organization that I previously knew nothing about. I have learned how much further we have yet to go, but how simple it could truly be to move towards a healthier and happier society. I am thrilled to have accompanied L’Arche in “shouting from the mountain top ‘let’s do this! Let’s change the world and welcome diversity’!”