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Staying organized and motivated: Work productivity tips from young alumnus Feiber Omana

Author: Young Alumni

Posted on Nov 8, 2017

Category: UNB Fredericton , Young Alumni

Feiber receiving a Proudly UNB Young Alumni Achievement Award on March 23, 2017. Submit a nomination for the 2018 awards at unb.ca/proudlyunb

2017 Proudly UNB Young Alumni Achievement award recipient, Feiber Omana (BBA ’06), came to Fredericton as an international high school student from Colombia and, in such a short time since graduating from UNB, has taken his academic and professional career by storm.

Now as the vice-president of Corporate Development and Capital Markets for Shaw Communications, Feiber is accountable for overseeing a wide variety of activities within Shaw's corporate development and strategy planning functions as well as for capital markets activities. He has been a key contributor to a series of nationally recognized M&A transactions.Prior to this role, he was an investment banker in Toronto, New York and Calgary.

With a busy professional and personal life to balance, he finds staying organized, creating valuable routines and taking time to unwind is key to a successful day.

So we asked Feiber about his daily organization and productivity tips!            

Q:What is your daily go-to task or routine to help lead a successful work day? A:It all begins with a 'long enough' good night of sleep, a healthy and substantial breakfast and a double espresso!

Q:What do you do to  stay organized and on task?  A: I probably receive about 200 non-junk emails per day at work so a clean Outlook inbox is critical, which begins with automatic email filtering rules to specific folders to be periodically checked.  What is left are items that I need to delegate, deal with at a later time (for which I setup reminders to go off at specified dates), or deal with right away.  However, I still love to use sticky notes, for work related and personal matters, as I value their simplicity and old-fashioned nature.

Q:How do you unwind and clear your mind from work? A:With a 6-year old son (and another one on the way), I usually spend most of my free time with him playing soccer at home and taking him to soccer practices and ski lessons.  When I’m driving by myself, I enjoy chatting with old friends and relatives abroad.  My wife and I also enjoy binge-watching TV from time to time (which cuts into the ‘long enough good night of sleep’ but who wants to stop when the new Narcos season is available!) and planning our next family trip.