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Glaspy named to Seawolves Men's Volleyball Program

Author: Stephanie Guimond

Posted on Jul 6, 2017

Category: Volleyball

Jacob Glaspy hails from Rothesay, NB which means he won't be traveling too far from home once he embarks on his new volleyball journey.

The left side hitter recently committed to the UNB Saint John Seawolves Men's Volleyball team and he is looking forward to his new beginning. Nick Fraser, a recent UNB Saint John graduate and left side hitter for the Seawolves has been coaching Jacob for the last four years.

As per Nick: "I coached him for the last four years, he's an excellent addition to the roster adding great passing and defensive skills which I know Kyle (Head Coach) highly values. As a top player in the AA league he has continued to make strides every year into becoming a more well rounded player".

Jacob's athletic history is mainly volleyball (indoor and beach) since grade 6 with a bit of soccer and curling. He has had a great love for the sport since day one with the experience of playing positions of setter, libero and most recently, left side. He was captain of his Rothesay High School team for the 2016-17 season in addition to maintaining an average grade in the high 90's for the duration of his high school years. There are a few factors in his choice of UNB Saint John, it is close to home, there are already familiar faces here but most of all he wants to study Marine Biology and he thinks New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy is a great place to start.

His awards for sport include three time Coach's Choice (School), MVP (School) and MVP (Volleyball camp). Jacob loves the high intensity and pace of volleyball and that he improves every time he is on the court. "Its a great workout and an even better chance to bond with teammates and coaches. I got hooked to the sport in grade 6". He only attempted volleyball because it looked fun, he tried out, made it and his passion has grown immensely ever since. He plays for the thrill, the challenge, the exercise and loves to develop his skill to the best of his ability.

What Jacob thinks about Coach Kyle Blanchard: "The recruiting coach Kyle Blanchard is a great guy! From what I know he is a great person and I know that he is always striving to make the Seawolves volleyball (program) better, he is dedicated to the sport and all of the athletes that participate in it".

Jacob  hopes to add his positive attitude and patience to the team and he is excited to learn many new things from his soon to be fellow team mates. He hopes to become a better player and person in general by being a part of the Seawolves squad. "Its going to be a great time!".

Welcome to the Seawolves Family Jacob!