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6 Years Strong for the Love of the Game

Author: Stephanie Guimond

Posted on Jan 11, 2017

Category: Basketball


Alan Rivers-Bowerman and Andrew Naismith have been on the court together for over ten years.         It all started at UNB Saint John in 2006 when Andrew joined the basketball team as a freshman sharpshooter out of Simonds High School. After hearing of him scoring 64 points in a high school game, Alan was cautiously impressed but determined to make the young recruit earn his spot on the Seawolves Basketball team.

After a slow start, they quickly took to each other and became friends on and off the court. After three years of success on the court, including three consecutive trips to the Conference Semi-Finals, Alan graduated and the basketball bond was put on hold. Alan went on to spend a year at Acadia playing basketball while Andrew finished up his career at UNB Saint John. The two kept in touch during this time, playing in men’s league tournaments and celebrating off the court. Once both of their playing careers were wrapped up, the two found themselves able to dedicate some time to the team they were so proud to play for.

The decision was made that they would give back to the basketball program that had given them so many good memories. Rather than suiting up in Seawolves jerseys they came back to the court sporting shiny shoes and clipboards ready embrace the beauty of coaching. They became Assistant Coaches to the Seawolves Men’s Basketball program. Six years later, the pair are still at it. Success did not meet the duo immediately, they took their losses, painful at times but never without a lesson to be learned. This would shape them as mentors for the players that looked in their direction for guidance. The program now has rounded into form under Peter Vincent’s direction as Head Coach.

Alan and Andrew, better known on their home turf as RB and Streetz, have been here from the beginning, helping mold the team. Alan and Andrew, as veteran Seawolves, have great insight to the game they have an immense passion for. Both experienced beyond the basic rule of play; as coaches they have learned to exhibit patience and leadership. Understanding that patience is imperative to the development of a team, especially in transitional years, they know that success can take time. Knowledge of the sport helps them build strategies required for effective practice drills and game plays. As leaders, they recognize the importance of motivating their players through communication and leading by example. As coaches they always strive for team success even though outcomes may vary from one basketball court to the next.

The two spend many hours together in practices and road trips, brainstorming and play planning with Peter. There are also significant hours spent off the court playing intense games of table tennis, a past time enjoyed as friends. This double act hope to keep coaching for as long as possible.