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The inaugural UNB Research Celebration Week

Author: UNB Research

Posted on Oct 3, 2022

Category: Accolades , Research

Welcome to the inaugural UNB Research Celebration Week!

This week is an occasion to shine a special spotlight on the impactful research taking place, and the people who make it happen, at our institution.

In my role as vice-president of research, I have the great privilege of hearing about many of our researchers’ accomplishments and supporting their endeavors.

To all the researchers here at UNB – faculty, staff and students – offer a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for everything you do in contemplating and tackling the unanswered questions, finding solutions to the grand challenges facing the world today and advancing the ideas and talent that will create a better tomorrow.

Whether it is your work in cybersecurity, digital technology, literature and media, climate change, rehabilitation, health innovation, social sciences and policy innovation, your research helps maximize the potential of New Brunswick and Canada.

By bringing a breadth of perspectives to your scholarship – whether in giving voice to those at the margins or excluded from discourse, in bringing your own lived experience into your scholarship or by incorporating two-eyed seeing and other ways of knowing into your work – you are creating more comprehensive knowledge and making UNB and the world more inclusive.

To all of our partners, as well, I want to thank you for everything you do to support research here at UNB. Whether through funding, with expertise, results, or in expressing support for this work, you are an essential part of our collective success, and our ability to create a positive impact in our world.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank one group in particular: the team working with me in the office of the vice-president research and the office of research services.

These employees support our researchers and partners across every part of the project lifecycle, from applying for grants to ensuring ethical and responsible research practices to financial administration, to commercialization and knowledge transfer and to communicating the results and impact of a project.

I’m very fortunate to be in the position to lead this group, and immensely proud of their dedication, their professionalism and their expertise.

- Dr. David MaGee, Vice-President (Research)