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UNB introduces a WorkAlone feature on the UNBSafe app

Author: Angie Deveau

Posted on Jan 10, 2024

Category: UNB Fredericton , UNB Saint John

The University of New Brunswick’s (UNB) Fredericton campus has unveiled a new addition to its UNBSafe app, the WorkAlone module, which provides a safety mechanism for people operating alone on campus for extended periods of time.

Don Allen, director of security and traffic, and Des Dupuis, the crime prevention community liaison at UNB Campus Security, both led the integration of this module.

"Introducing the WorkAlone feature within the UNBSafe app is in line with other universities practices,” said Allen. “It was conceptualized to ensure a proactive safety approach for those working in solitary environments on campus."

Allen said the WorkAlone function enables users to set check-in intervals while working alone. For instance, if someone works solo for three hours, they can schedule the app to send push notifications every 30 minutes. If a user fails to respond to these check-ins, the app automatically alerts Campus Security, which can check to ensure everything is okay.

"The UNBSafe app, with its enhanced WorkAlone feature, is a comprehensive solution in line with our commitment to safety on campus,” said Dupuis. “It seamlessly integrates with other recent initiatives, such as the bike registry, providing a holistic approach to campus security."

The WorkAlone module is particularly useful for laboratory workers.

"This feature is especially vital for those working in labs alone, ensuring their safety in situations involving hazardous materials or health-related concerns," said Dupuis.

Allen said UNB's ongoing efforts to innovate safety protocols reflect the university's dedication to creating a secure and supportive environment for its community. He also said they are considering expanding the feature to the other UNB campuses.

"Innovation in safety protocols goes beyond progress," he said. "It reinforces our commitment to fostering a supportive environment university-wide."