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UNBeknownst #31: Mike Corey on facing your fears to go far

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Sep 21, 2023

Category: Podcast , Science , UNB Fredericton

Mike Corey (BSc’08) is a biology graduate turned travel host who never turns down an adventure. His curiosity has sent him searching out cultures, creatures, and locations that most people avoid – with the aim of facing – and even chasing – fear. This intense passion has led him to grow his YouTube Channel “Fearless & Far” to over 2M subscribers, receive 2 Emmy nominations for his Adventure Travel TV program "Uncharted Adventure", and an Ambie nomination for his podcast "Against the Odds". 

Mike’s career began after receiving his bachelor of science from UNB, then backpacking the world for five years volunteering as a research assistant for scientists studying ocean conservation. Bringing a camera along for these trips allowed him to capture the material he needed to win several international travel video competitions and begin his YouTube Channel.  

Now a top travel influencer, Mike enjoys teaching others how to face their fears to become happier. 

In this episode: 

  • The adventure that gave Mike the travel bug and what made him realize the world is gentler than we think. 
  • How his obsession with animals and nature turned into a passion for people. 
  • Lessons he’s learned from people he’s met in his exotic travels. 
  • Why humans need a challenge and purpose to thrive. 
  • What fearlessness and conquering fear actually means. 
  • The quiet fears that sneak up on you. 
  • He says “fear is the compass” is his life and directs him in his actions. 
  • How everyone can start to face their fears. 
  • The importance of stories – and how they’re told everywhere. 

There’s so much more to this world that’s to be uncovered and discovered by jumping in and getting your hands dirty.” 

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