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UNB young alumna supports local businesses impacted

Author: UNB Alumni

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Category: Inspiring Stories , Young Alumni

Niki Burnham



 Even in a time when we are physically separated from our families and peers, many people are bringing their communities closer together through support and acts of kindness. UNB young alumna, Niki Burnham (BBA ’15), is one of those people.

When she saw how small businesses in the Saint John region have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, she looked for a way to support the community through her own side-business, Homegrown Vintage - an Instagram-based shop that sources and restores quality vintage goods and promotes conscious second-hand buying.

After asking her shop’s followers to send in names of small businesses that have been impacted, Niki used five days of Homegrown Vintage’s revenue to purchasing gift cards to local Saint John businesses. On March 30 she will distribute the gift cards in a giveaway to her Instagram followers, encouraging people to shop local and give back to others in times of need.

“I’m very lucky that my income from my full-time job has not been affected and I definitely don’t take that for granted,” she says.

“I built this side-job to give myself more freedom and flexibility, so I have a unique opportunity to use this additional income for the good, and I’m so happy to do it.”

Despite today’s challenges and uncertainty, Niki says that she has seen so many beautiful things happen in the community as a result of people bonding together.

“I could only hope that this continues to reinforce the message that we have to support those with businesses that they depend on for their livelihood and families. Not everyone will be able to give and support monetarily. But those that can, please see this as an opportunity to make an impact, whether that be big or small - it all counts!”