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UNB welcomes 2023-24 Schulich Leaders to campus

Author: UNB Newsroom

Posted on Sep 27, 2023

Category: UNB Saint John , UNB Fredericton

Hannah Kamogawa

Photo of Hannah Kamogawa

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) welcomes to campus the 2023-24 recipients of the prestigious Schulich Leader Scholarship, Canada’s most coveted science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) scholarship.

Out of a pool of 350,000 potential candidates across Canada, more than 1,400 students were nominated, only 100 of whom received this celebrated award.

Chelsea McKinley of Saint John, N.B., is a recipient of the $120,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship in engineering. A graduate of Saint John High School, she is enrolled in the bachelor of science in engineering program on UNB’s Fredericton campus.

Hannah Kamogawa of Guysborough, N.S., is a recipient of the $100,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship. A graduate of Guysborough Academy, Hannah is enrolled in the bachelor of science in chemistry program on UNB’s Fredericton campus.

Kamogawa and McKinley bring with them academic excellence along with a wealth of leadership, charisma and creativity - core requirements for the award.

Kamogawa is a Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor's Education Medal winner with a history of demonstrating leadership and service in her school and community. She has been volunteering in the community since she was nine years old and has continued to do so while thriving academically.

Kamogawa is from a rural community that sees great potential for economic growth in space and satellite development through Maritime Launch, Canada's first commercial spaceport. Her goal is to pursue post-secondary education in chemistry so she can help create materials for satellites that can withstand the harsh conditions of space and continue to function when damaged, alleviating superfluous launch costs.

"A great leader is someone who is inquisitive, intelligent and a natural born leader,” said Kamogawa. “It's important to be a creative problem solver, taking the time to think about an issue logically and consider all possible approaches. I'm a curious person and I want to contribute to solutions."

Chelsea McKinley, left, with Kate Watson, academic advisor

Photo of Chelsea McKinley, left, with Kate Watson, academic advisor

McKinley is a Duke of Edinburgh Award winner who received a Stepping Up for New Brunswick Award for sewing face masks during the COVID-19 lockdowns when medical masks were in short supply. An accomplished and passionate debater since the ninth grade, she believes environmental sustainability is important and wants to dedicate a significant amount of her studies and research to maintaining a healthy planet for generations to come using innovative technologies.

Her goal is to complete her studies in chemical engineering and work professionally in the development of eco-friendly materials or the remediation of polluted environments.

"A Schulich Leader is someone who is future-oriented and believes in working hard to improve the lives of others while also striving for innovation in the process," said McKinley. "New technological advances are fantastic, but it is the advancements that have actual people in mind which have the most positive impact on society as a whole."

Recognizing the increasing importance and impact that STEM disciplines will have on the prosperity of future generations, businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich established this $100+ million scholarship fund in 2012 to encourage the best and brightest students to become Schulich Leader Scholars: the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators.

“We are proud to celebrate the continued success of Schulich Leader Scholarships, the premiere STEM scholarship program in Canada,” Schulich.

“This group of outstanding students will represent the best and brightest Canada has to offer and will make great contributions to society, both on a national and global scale. With their university expenses covered, they can focus their time on their studies, research projects, extracurriculars and entrepreneurial ventures. They are the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded technology innovators.”

Through The Schulich Foundation, these entrance scholarships are awarded yearly to 100 high school graduates enrolling in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) undergraduate program at 20 partner universities in Canada. Every high school in Canada can submit one Schulich Leader Nominee per academic year based on academic excellence in STEM, entrepreneurial leadership and financial need.