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Economic policy commentary and research from the AIPR Updates Show Province’s Economy was Stalling… Even Before COVID19

Author: Herb Emery

Posted on Oct 5, 2021

Category: Regional Economics

This year’s update to the economic indicators for New Brunswick is now available for viewing.  BoostNB provides straightforward, fact-based information about the New Brunswick economy using publicly available data from Statistics Canada, the Government of New Brunswick and other sources.  Modelled on the that tracked Nova Scotia’s progress to meeting the 2014 Ivany Committee’s (Now or Never) stretch goals for the economy, BoostNB tracks economic indicators against comparable goals for New Brunswick.  The indicators are now updated to 2019 so they do not account for the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the economy. The indicators show that the province is not progressing economically after previously having shown improvements.

This year’s undergraduate student team consisted of economics students Tashi Dorji (UNB-F), Caroline Pietroski (STU) and Sandra Rafeh (UNB-SJ). Jessica Mann (NB-IRDT) managed the project and worked with the team on the website development.  The BoostNB team was part of NB-IRDT’s Pathways to Professions, a 13-week virtual experiential learning program providing UNB students from the Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John campuses with hands-on workplace experience and training in research methods and workplace readiness.  BoostNB was supported through the offices of experiential learning at UNB and STU, and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.



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