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Celebrate art and community in Fredericton with the Fool s Gold Ball

Author: Communications

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Category: UNB Fredericton

The University of New Brunswick’s faculty of arts, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and the Media Arts & Cultures (MAAC) Student Society invite you to a night of celebration at the Fool’s Gold Ball on April 1.

The evening will feature performances from local bands Tortue, Sam Salmon and Van Lantz. UNB student artwork will be displayed, and local food and drink will be on hand for everyone’s enjoyment.

It’s an idea that has been months in the making.

“It sort of began back in September with our Welcome Back Concert,” said faculty of arts’ student engagement, communications and research support officer Tabatha Armstrong. “We think it’s important to provide space and opportunity to celebrate and socialize – it’s an important part of community.”

The faculty had a stroke of good luck, Armstrong added, when it was approached by Robin Goodine from the MAAC Student Society and Penelope Stevens from the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and Shifty Bits Cult who were interested in organizing a public art and music event to help bridge the gap between the wider Fredericton arts scenes and the campus community. They put their heads together and the Arts Matters: Collaboration and Community Panel and the Fool’s Gold Ball were born.

“One of the co-organizers suggested Fool’s Gold because the event is taking place on April Fool’s Day,” Armstrong said. “Because it’s going to be a fun and somewhat fancy affair we added ball. It’s meant to be a bit tongue and cheek – a fun night where we won’t take ourselves too seriously even though we’ll be having a seriously good time!”

The event kicks off at 8 pm on Friday, April 1, at Sir Howard Douglas Hall on UNB’s Fredericton campus. Festivities will last until 11 pm before moving on to a second venue.

Media contact: Tabatha Armstrong