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Shane Furze - PhD Oral Examination

Author: kyle

Posted on Jul 8, 2018

Category: Thesis Corner

Shane Furze

A High-Resolution Digital Soil Mapping Framework for New Brunswick, Canada

  • Date: July 10, 2018
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Location: Forestry & Geology, Rm 202


For decades researchers have been studying forest souls and summarizing findings in the form of soil surveys and maps depicting soil associations, broad polygons representing groups of soil types. With growing availability of high-resolution spatial data there is need for continuous representations of soul properties as they vary both spatially and with depth. This thesis presents an approach to digital soil mapping of soil properties for New Brunswick, Canada, following the underlying principles of soil formation in which soil properties at any location are mainly a function of other soil properties, topography, parent material and climate. A new digital elevation model at 10m was developed for NB via DEM fusion and error reduction, and with this, updated delineations of topo-hydrologic and climatic properties, amalgamated from numerous sources (n = 12, 058), allowing for production of gridded continuums of soil properties at 10m resolution for NB. These continuums, combined with pedotransfer functions derived from the amalgamation of ancillary soil surveys, resulted in a suite of soil properties predicted at different depth intervals with full provincial coverage.