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A quick and easy way to check if your online accounts are at risk

Author: tidBiTS

Posted on May 8, 2019

Category: IT Security , General Interest , Tips and Tricks

We use our email addresses to sign up for countless online services, from loyalty reward programs for our favourite shopping sites, to social media accounts, to subscriptions to eNewsletters and more. Unfortunately, these sites are also popular targets for cyber criminals trying to steal user information.

So how can you know if your email address or other personal information is at risk?

Visit haveibeenpwned.com and enter any email address(es) you use to sign up for online services. If the site says you’ve been "pwned", it means your email address has been affected by one or more data breach and your information might be at risk.

You can also register your email address with haveibeenpwned via the ‘notify me’ link the menu and they’ll let you know whenever a new data breach has been discovered that might impact you.

What if my email address has been “pwned”?

Reset your password for any account associated with the email address you entered. Then, review the list of breaches you were ‘pwned’ in and determine if any of your other personal information such as credit card details might be at risk.

Learn more about how to keep your accounts safe - take UNB's cybersecurity awareness training (Beauceron):