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Introducing the UNB Service Desk

Author: ITS

Posted on May 31, 2017

Category: General Interest , News

This summer, ITS and ISS are transforming how we provide technical support at UNB.

As part of this, our three Help Desks (UNBF and UNBSJ) will become the UNB Service Desk.

Beginning May 31, we will start using our new UNB Service Desk name in all of our communications. Also, in the coming months, we will be updating our website and other UNB web pages and printed material to reflect this change.

What else is new starting May 31?

  • Our emailservicedesk@unb.ca. Regardless of which campus you are on, email us at our new address and your request will be assigned on to the appropriate campus and staff.
    • Don’t worry, our other email addresses (helpdesk@unb.ca, studenthelpdesk@unbsj.ca, helpline@unbsj.ca, solutions@unb.ca) will still work for the time being as our campuses transition to the changes.
  • Our ticket workspace – all ITS and ISS staff will work in the same ticket workspace to allow for easy and improved collaboration on your requests.
  • Status updates on your requests – As part of our new ticket workspace, you will receive timely and informative status updates via email as we work on your ticket.

Coming soon…

Additional changes will be introduced throughout the summer to improve your experience when you need IT help at UNB.

Learn more about the UNB Service Desk and what’s changing.