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Phishing Attack on Illegal Game of Thrones Downloaders

Author: ITS

Posted on Aug 3, 2016

Category: IT Security Alerts , General Interest

For many, it may not come as a surprise that Game of Thrones is currently the #1 illegally downloaded T.V. show — which is likely why cybercriminals have chosen to target the latest phishing scam at people who have been illegally downloading the popular T.V. series.

What does the phishing scam look like?

  • Cybercriminals are sending emails that look like a notice from IP-Echelon (a company that enforces copyright claims)
  • Cleverly, the email is made even more believable as it is forwarded directly from your current internet service provider
  • The fake notice warns that IP-Echelon has determined that you have illegally downloaded Game of Thrones and/or other copyright protected entertainment
  • The email notifies all receivers that, unless you choose to pay a settlement within the next 72 hours, the matter will be turned over to IP-Echelon’s attorneys
  • Links are provided that will direct victims of the phishing attack to a website where you can make the payment (to the cybercriminals)

Sneaky fingers on laptop

What should you do if you have received a similar email?

  • Don’t panic – DO NOT reply or click on any links
  • Report it to the ITS Help Desk for further guidance

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