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Protect your devices update Adobe Reader to the latest version

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Category: General Interest , IT Announcements , Tips and Tricks

Have you checked Adobe Reader for updates recently?adobe reader logo Cyber attackers are targeting devices with outdated software and browser plugins such as Adobe Reader, by tricking users into connecting to web servers hosting exploit kits to steal information and ultimately infect the devices. It can simply be done by a user clicking a malicious link. What is an Exploit Kit? An exploit kit is a system that runs on web servers and identifies vulnerabilities in software when you’re connected to the server. If a vulnerability is discovered, the exploit kit will upload and execute malicious code to steal or infect your device. Adobe Reader has been under fire from attackers by taking advantage of many users with outdated versions. How can you check for the latest version? It’s easy! Open Adobe Reader and click the Help tab in the top left corner, and then Check for Updates. Learn more about Exploit Kits and how they could impact you by visiting Trend Micro’s ‘Evolution of Exploit Kits’.