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Phishers using new bait in the latest wave of attacks

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Category: Geek Speak , IT Security , General Interest , Tips and Tricks

Cybercriminals are using new methods to hide their phishy links.phishing In the latest phishing attacks hitting UNB, the attackers used shortened URLs such as Goo.gl, tinyURL, and bit.ly to mask their malicious sites from users who hover over the false links to see their true destination. Shortened URLs are redirection services, used to make links much smaller, primarily for when you’re trying to reduce the number of characters for a social media post. Now, cybercriminals are using shortened URLs to mask their phishy links in order to trick unsuspecting users into visiting their webpages. If you hover and the see the link is a shortened URL and want to know where it goes, use a URL Expander to check the link before clicking. For more tips on how to spot a phishing scam, visit go.unb.ca/itsecurity Protect Yourself. Protect Your Stuff. Protect UNB. #UNBarmYourself