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Infected Word documents They re here and they re a serious threat

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Category: General Interest , IT Announcements , IT Security Alerts

Many experts have seen it as the inevitable when it comes to cyberattacks, but it is finally here. Ransomware-infected Word doc attachments are reaching users’ email inboxes and they’re difficult to recognize as being infected.infected word file The new malicious attack, dubbed “Locky”, tricks people twice to have their information held for ransom. First, they trick you into opening the word document. Secondly, they try to trick you into enabling Macros on the Word file. If you don’t already have Macros enabled (they are not enabled by default in Word), you will see a warning message at the top of the word file to enable Macros, followed by a block of garbled text. When Macros are enabled, the malicious code is executed and begins locking you out of your own files.  Cyber attackers will then demand you pay a ransom to have your access restored. The new method has been picked up by many cybercriminals to try and take advantage of unsuspecting users before Anti-Virus programs are able to properly detect it. Watch for the signs of this rising cyberattack. If you’re being urged to enable Macros on a Word file, report it to the ITS Help Desk immediately. For more information, visit the KnowBe4 Security blog. Protect Yourself. Protect Your Stuff. Protect UNB. #UNBarmYourself