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A look back on UNB s Data Centre Renovations

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 19, 2016

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UNB’s primary Data Centre, located on the Fredericton campus, recently underwent a big transformation that turned it into a state-of-the-art facility to power UNB’s IT services for the next ten years. So how exactly did the Data Centre get to where it is today? The early stages of planning Back in April 2012, a Data Centre Solutions Company, BRUNS-PAK, provided a requirements analysis that highlighted what UNB would need for its Data Centre to operate most efficiently into the foreseeable future. Planning for the renovations officially began in November 2013, and by June 2014, BRUNS-PAK had provided ITS with the designs for the new facility. To minimize impact on UNB’s IT services, the renovation was divided into three phases, while the room that hosts the Data Centre was split into three zones. This allowed construction to happen in one zone while “live” IT equipment could operate in the other zones. To further reduce interruptions, equipment was only moved during scheduled outages that occurred outside normal university hours. These moves were critical for ITS, ensuring services continued to operate normally. Moving forward with Phase A Construction officially began in October 2014, with the upgrade of electrical so a new power supply could be installed. Once equipment was moved to the new power supply, upgrades to the air conditioning, floors, ceiling, fire suppression (a system for extinguishing fires) and walls were completed within the first zone. Phase A By May 2015, Phase A was complete and equipment was once again shuffled around for the next zone to be upgraded. Wrapping things up with Phases B and C The second phase of construction began in June 2015 and saw similar upgrades as Phase A, including updates to the floors, walls, ceilings, electrical equipment, and fire suppression. Phase B By September 2015, Phase B was complete, allowing for equipment to once again be shuffled for the final phase of the renovations. Phase C kicked off in December 2015 and by the time it wrapped up in January 2016, the floor throughout the Data Centre had been raised significantly for better ventilation and wire management, and new power and air conditioning units were fully installed. Phase C The final product On February 2, 2016, ITS celebrated the grand opening of the Data Centre with the visit from UNB President Dr. Eddy Campbell. The tremendous amount of work that was put into the renovation by all teams can truly be appreciated by comparing the before and after pictures below: Before - After DC Reno To learn more about UNB’s newly renovated Data Centre and what it means for UNB, as well as other institutions in our region, check out our previous post.