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Exploit kit Angler used to hide malware onto webpages

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 2, 2015

Category: General Interest , IT Security Alerts

An exploit kit used by cybercriminals is making waves again, infecting countless webpages and unsuspecting users who visit those pages.botnet An exploit kit such as Angler is a toolkit used by cybercriminals by being injected into hacked websites. When the infected website is visited, the exploit kit will examine extensions, plugins, and add-ons used by that user and look for vulnerabilities to slip through the cracks. One of the key signs of an infected webpage is if a misleading dialogue box pops up when visiting the page. These can range from fake virus alerts, to fake prizes, and any buttons clicked on the dialogue box will open your computer up to being infected. How can you protect your computer from infected websites? The most important step you can take is to ensure your web browser, and any extensions you use, are updated to the most recent version to minimize vulnerabilities. Learn more about the Angler Exploit Kit and how to protect yourself from it by visiting the Security Intelligence website. #UNBarmYourself – Protect yourself. Protect your stuff. Protect UNB. Visit go.unb.ca/itsecurity